CR7 ShoppingYoung, Handsome, Famous, and Rich. For time being, some of that clues must be referred to a man named Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro. That MU winger who just had been awarded Ballon d’Or, agree or not, has already been women and girls dreaming for.

Take a look on internet, there are so many fan site presented for him. And look how girls calling aloud his name. Merche Romer, Gemma Atkinson, Nereida Gallardo, and Letizia Leipzig are the real evidences of CR7 magic.

They must be expected so much to said “I Do” to the Madeira Island men. But, unfortunately, he didn’t want to stay longer with one of them. Maybe, if there is a book contain of guidance to bind Ronaldo, that’s certainly sold out immediately.

Hold On! After read this one, you can try to win Ronaldo’s heart.

Ancient peoples said: To get a men, make his stomach feels pleasant. Well, what you have to do is rely on that words.

Listen carefully……Serve Bacalhau a Bras.

Yup. Bacalhau a Bras is Cristiano Ronaldo’s favourite food

Bacalhau a Bras

It’s kind a Portugese traditional food with Cod fish as main ingredient. The other ingredients are potatoes, onion, egg, garlic gloves, parsley, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

These are steps to cook it. Soak the bacalhau overnight in plenty of cold water with the skin up. On the next day clean the bacalhau of bones and skin and squash the pieces with the help of a cloth (wrap the pieces in a cloth and squash till the bacalhau is in shreds). Peel the potatoes, cut them very thinly, wash in water several times, drain and dry. Peel and chop thinly the garlic. Peel the onions and slice very thinly.

In a frying pan pour the olive oil and when hot add the garlic cloves. When the garlic begins turning brown add the potatoes and fry them, stirring with a fork so that they don’t glue to each other. The potatoes must look more boiled than fried. Take out the potatoes and reserve. In the same olive oil add the onions and fry till transparent. Add the shredded bacalhau and stir with the onions. Let it cook for five minutes. Add the fried potatoes, stir, and add the beaten eggs seasoned with salt and pepper. Stir without stopping in medium temperature till the eggs are soft.

Serve hot sprinkled with shredded parsley. Decorate with black olives (*Sarah)


Hey,,it’s me again
Refer to my previous post, so I gave the same name…

Huft, It’s almost 1.00 am when I write these but I can’t sleep yet…Can’t? or Don’t Want? I am…hmm, I am insomnia but not really, I have no problem with my sleep, I just used to sleep late and wakes up late >.<

I love night especially Midnight…Everynight in my room, I do unusual activities…I love listening melancholic songs n I even cry…I used to finish my projects, Browse on Internet (anything, mostly are not important)
And today, I found out The reason behind It ?
iT’s because I belongs to Pisces…a zodiac which owns romantic side…WOW
that’s explain why I love love story (both in novels and comics) and love writing romantic stories…

That was also acknowledged me why I’m too picky…I would rather being a single than accept a guy feeling that I don’t like him (So sorry for some guys who have been hurted because of me)….For God sake, I don’t chase after a status…
Honestly, I’m dreaming for my Mr. Right, If I tie with someone…No Doubt that he is the Chosen One, the one I’m longing for….My Mr. Eligible
Well, my type is Summer Boy…despite the fact that now I can get Winter Boy out of my pind…What a shame!!

Hi, It’s been a long time since my last post (actually duno who are people I intented to??)

Well, here I am…

I write again, yeah :D……..My heart feels badump badump

I really miss my blog but i was just too lazy even until now . I was also so stupid, so silly that I always tried to escape the reality. The pitiful reality, as for me I haven’t make true my dream yet. Or is it because my dreams are too much? too unreal?

I don’t know…I have no idea. Sometimes i felt like wearing a mask, people thought me well…happy…cheerful…They don’t know that I’m exhausted. Everytime I walks in crowded area, I feels lonely. I want to scream and cry but I also want to close my eyes, my ears, my mouth and integrated into the silence.

Just think, am I a little bit abnormal?

Or is it because I push my self too hard? because I want to an extraordinary? I have some many dreams and if I compare to my friends, my dreams are high enough.

That’s the reason I refused some men confessions…I told my self not to tied with someone before I get my self dreams…It’s like I locked my heart and threw the key far away….Whew, I completely exhausted

Chapter 1

Two people, one sitting on the chair while another standing next to her, both of them gazing carefully to the girl on the hospital’s bed. The first, a woman in late 40, her face is pale and she never keep off her eyes to the girl she is crying for.  A young boy about 15-17 years, standing beside her, his face showing a sadness and pain. He is lingering his arm around the woman’s shoulder, trying to give a power even though he himself doesn’t sure enough that he has it.

“It’s my fault. It’s my fault” for the hundred times today, she repeat that line again and again. She is crying a lot and sniffing. The tone in her voice indicated a deep frustration.

A young male doctor and a young woman nurse are standing across them, they don’t make any sounds or noise but they are seemed used to this situation.

“No, mom. It’s definitely not your fault” the young boy said calmly.

Her mother still crying and she almost yelling, “Yes it is. If only I can be more brave, your sister won’t end like this”

“No mom, stop blaming your self like that. Vian did it by her own”

“Why don’t you understand Felipe? Your sister was suffered for the whole of her life and it’s because I never listened what’s she really need nor even checked whether she was happy or not”

Felipe, the young boy can’t find the words to answer again. Tears down on his face. His mother has just told the truth, he also felt like his sister as well. He grew by his self, in an instant he became a rebel. It was locked down in his heart that all he did just to pretend that he paid no attention for people’s thought. Coz his past memory reminds him how bad the feeling he had when people started to talk about him.

The woman hold the girl’s right hand so tight. She is talking to her despite the fact that the girl can’t hear, “Oh sweetheart, Vivian. Please forgive me, I beg you apologize”. She continued, “Listen sweetheart, please come back. I promise that we will fix all the things broken before. So please, stay alive”. Stream of tears come out of her eyes so badly as she expecting her daughter will be wake up immediately.

But of course her daughter will not. She is there, standing in front of her bed and she is also crying. But none of people can see her, she is just a spirit without solid body.

Now she is wondering what is she crying for?? Just like her brother Felipe said, It was pure her decision to commit suicide. Even now, when she is a human no more, she still can remember that tragic day. She argued with her friend in school, but it was not the priority of the motive pushed her to finally decide to kill her self. The correct was, she felt can’t survive anymore, that time was the climax of all of her sorrow and unhappiness she had. So after school, she ran to her room, swallowed sleeping pills as many as she can swallow while she was still crying for the unfair she got from this world.

And this morning, when she opened her eyes, she realized that she already cut off from her body. She felt so regret that she is still alive, from the conversation between her mother and doctor, she knew that she is comma for time being. Why? Why even God doesn’t allow her to die? She can take no more, She is really Can’t.

Watching her mother and her brother crying for her isn’t she really want from the beginning. When she tried to commit suicide, she was actually thinking ‘How many people will cry for her? And Who will Cry best?’.

Vivian know that her mother will do that but deep in her heart, she expect for other people. Not because she doesn’t love her mother but it’s just her willing to know who is person look after her best. Unfortunately, just two members of her family feel sad so far. Not even her father come, no wonder, he must be felt so ashamed that her daughter commit suicide?? How come? How are his clients will think bout that??

Once again, Vivian gazing her body on the bed. She looked very pale as ghost as well. On her nose, there is respiration apparatus to support her breath. While on her hand, she saw an infuse. In spite of that weak profile, Vian can very clear see how honest she is. No more fake smile, no more sparkling green eyes. It’s only her, the original Vivian Lawrence version. Yet, she love it.



There are Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Well, I belong to Small. S for my body size, wardrobe size, but not for my eating portion…hahaha.

I’m 23 year woman but trapped in 13 year girI’s body. I didn’t know why I couldn’t grow properly despite the fact that I eat qualified foods and love swimming since I was child. Up to now, I often find difficult to get clothes or shoes that fit me perfectly.


What do u think bout it?

Yupz, this is my Fav color. Among the other colors, I always admire pink. Some say that blue is soft but for me, pink is the best. I fell in love to it since I saw Taiwan drama ‘Love Storm’, Jia Leu (the lead cast) seems very pretty in her pink performance. Most of my stuff are in pink such as outfit, shoes, bag, cosmetic case, cell phone, glasses frame, soft case, bed sheet, blanket, even my room wall. Pink never die,,yey yey.


People consider me as an unserious person but they will definitely change their perception right after they know me deeper. Chris Martin in Coldplay’s song ‘Lost’ said that “Just Because I’m Losing doesn’t mean I’m Lost”, well in my case “Just Because I love Joking doesn’t mean I have no serious thought”. For example, I didn’t continue my apothecary programme although most of my friend did it. I decided to chase my dream as a journalist, so despite the fact that until now I hasn’t make it come true but I keep trying.


Every time I interact with other people, my sensitive radar analyze them (their gesture, way of speaking, mimic, and tone). So if their mimic show disinterest, I feels that they don’t like me or our conversation and It makes my heart aching. However, this kind of feeling really annoys me. If only I have other option, I want to vanish this one.


Can u guess what it is? Yepz, this is my beloved hobby. Some people called it ‘women nature’ N I can’t refuse but agree. It always fun to go to mall, sight seeing around N buy some fancy outfit, shoes, or bag. Lucky me, I have a brother who always support my financial matter (he even don’t mind to buy me a new shoes, bag, and outfits). I usually go shopping with my mom, at least twice a month. For outfit, I prefer go to King’s shopping centre and ITC Kebon Kelapa. While for shoes I like BIP (Bandung Indah Plaza) since there are many shoes store such as El Verne, Shoeline, Atella, Giovani, Zaks, Yongki Komaladi, Matahari, etc.


Since I’m not tall, so I usually wear high heels shoes or sandal but honestly, they make my legs suffer. Hence, to reduce the risk of varicose (varises in Bahasa), wedge ‘the shoes/sandal with the full heels’ become my fav. Moreover, there are a lot of models of wedge shoes now a days N they are so beautiful, especially wedge ankle wrapped shoes. Oh my…I helplessly in love with it.


How bout this one? Can u guess it?

Well, this is one of manga genres. This genre contain complicated love story, sexual content (but different from ecchi), and more dramatic. In the past, I love sensei Kyoko Hikawa’s mangas such as Trilogy of Chizumi and Fujiomi, Far Away, Mr. Friday, Harmony, and Miriam. But as I become an adult, I love sensei Mashin Osakabe’s mangas such as Toriko Aigan Shoujo, Yokobou Meguri, Bara no Kurashi, Kindan, and Kinjiki, either do sensei Mayu Shinjo’s mangas such as Haou Airen, Love Celeb, Love Strip.

Anyway, don’t judge me as a pervert. I’m not like that. I love smut manga since the story more interesting and remained in my heart. Just like I admire ‘Hana Yori Dango’, ‘Hot Blooded Woman’, ‘Skip Beat’, ‘Do You Want To Try’, ‘Goong’, and else. Even though all of them aren’t smut but I love it so much because they are the mangas that can’t be forgotten easily after u find new mangas.


Beside shopping, reading manga/novel, N sleeping, I also love writing. By doing it, I can explore my knowledge, imagination, opinion, critic, dream, suggestion, etc. Most people said ‘Find Out Your Talent’, that’s how I am doing now. I’m pretty sure that my talent is writing, once I doing it I can’t stop. But still, there were so much time I lost my mood of writing N when that happened I felt anxious like my soul is empty N all I want is just crying.


I can’t help eating spicy food. U can say that my level of spicy food – resistance is increasing as time passed by. Almost all of my fav main menu are in spicy like fried rice, fried noodle, meetballs,  risoles, lotek, gado – gado, Padang rice, and soon. If the main course isn’t spicy, that means tasteless for me. I’ll give you an example, for single portion of fried noodle, I usually add 5 rawit chillis into it. The fantastic thing was I didn’t find problem, I thinks it because my digestion system is getting used to my habit.


I love cosmetic but the one I love most is Mascara. Why?? Well it’s because Mascara can make my eyelashes look longer. I dunno why but it boast my confident since it bring sharp impression on my eyes. I’m planning on buying extreme volume mascara ^^

Book. According to one of my holy book, Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary, book is defined as a number of printed sheets of paper fastened together in a cover. No matter what kinds of paper used in the book, whether it’s plain paper or recycled paper but the most important thing is the content of that book own self. During 17 23 years of my life (hehe), I already read a lot of books. Just like other people’s feelings, the good book always remain in my heart.

I realized that I’m not a good one because the mostly books I read are fiction story related. Some guys might be love political/social books while the other ones might be love motivation books. In my case, I prefer Manga and Novel than other books, that’s why I’m willing to publish my own novel. For time being, I have five story for my novel, poor me coz I haven’t yet finish that, not even one. Maybe seems cliché but love story dominating my ideas, eventhough in fact I have no experience in complicated relationship.

Hmm,,let’s go back to the early topic about ‘the good book which remains in heart’. Seems easy right? but for me, I need to categorize it into Manga, Novel, Biography, Religious Book, and General book. Almost two days, I though about it carefully and of course, Truthfully!! Non Sense if you consider one book is good, just because many peoples around you thought like that, whereas you didn’t. It was happen to me, my friends addicted to Twilight novel and it’s next volume such as New Moon and Eclipse. Oh Ok, I listened for their suggestion, I watched the movie too….and the result was: I didn’t like it, both!!

Well, wif fully confident , I make these decisions regarding to the good books which always remain in my heart, as following:

Manga: Hanayori Dango

This manga has been adapted into three TV series. Taiwan- Meteor Garden, Japan- Hanayori Dango, Korea- Boys Before Flowers. But so far in my opinion, none of them can visualizing the original story wif perfect. I already read the manga completely (36 volume) and I’m still want more. I learned so many things such as the power of friendship, hard work, true love, and fate.

Novel: Shopaholic all series

These novels are gorgeous. During I read the novels, it’s acknowledging me about fashion, cosmetic, and English’s Culture. It’s also spinning public’s opinion out. As we know, many peoples think that woman who suffering shopaholic bout wardrobe, cosmetic, accessories, jewelry, and else, is a dummy one. But Rebbeca Bloomwood a.k.a Becky prove that was incorrect. Becky is smart, cheerful, happy, enthusiast, pretty, and Shophaholic!! She didn’t think that shopping is a silly matter, more than that, she was succeed to taught us bout ‘the art of shopping’…oh yes, no wonder Luke Brandon married her..really Lucky Luke.

Biography: Biography of Fadel Muhammad

Next one is Biography of Fadel Muhammad. Comparised to the other political elites, he isn’t too popular. Fadel was born in Gorontalo, he lived in low middle economy class. But he never give up for his life, no matter what, he moved forward. He is definitely intelligent and he developed that as great as he can do. In this book, I found bout his maximum effort to reach his own goals, it’s inspiring and motivating me. I feel ashamed that I haven’t give my best and I’m still be an ordinary person. Oh so goes on, Sarah!!

Religious Book: Yang Berjatuhan di Jalan Dakwah

Dakwah?? Is it a noun or verb? well, in this book I found bout the reality that many peoples gave up in Dakwah way, including me!! So I’d like to give a salutation for peoples who still fighting. It’s really not easy…

General book: Men in Mars, Women in Venus

Eventhough It was listed as general book here but in fact, it’s a marketing book. So simple, but I learned so much bout the fundamental differences between male and female. As an example, men usually described as a gentle, sporty, and logical thinking person. While, women generally described as a beauty, warm, graceful and make feeling as a top priority. I thinks that I already get affected by this book, that’s why I have a great passion for football players and motto gp riders. But still, Xabi Alonso is the king of my heart, lol (Sarah, 16/3).

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Beauty, Brain, and Behavior. Those are slogan of beauty contest, such as Miss Universe, Miss World, Putri Indonesia, and Miss Indonesia. Wow, how lucky does the girl who can pass all of those criteria. But in the real life, there are not many girls can be perfect like that. Some might be gifted pretty face and body; some might be not. Some girls are smart and clever; some are not. Or maybe, some girls are beautiful and smart but they badly behaved. body perfect!!

These are true evidence of God’s power, Allah SWT created billions people in a very fair way. You have an extra point at one thing, and you also have a minus point at the other one. The winners of Miss Universe or Putri Indonesia, they are tall, sexy, pretty, smart, and kind hearted. Is it correct? Or is it just an image created by media??

As we know that media has a great power to affect public opinion. Let’s pick Britney Spears as an example. In her debut, Britney was granted many praise from media. Media called her as a pretty, talented, sexy, sweet, and good girl. But then, since Britney divorced with Kevin, she lost right to taking care of her sons. After that, media kept their eyes carefully on her. Whenever Britney did something, the next day you can found the complete gossip bout that everywhere, at television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and else. The worst was Britney considered to be crazy…wufff. You can say, Media gave her a bad name.

So, I’m ensuring my self that I don’t need to be afraid for being my self. I’m not beautiful but I’m pretty enough; I’m not genius but I’m smart enough and I’m willing to learn. The most important that I’m not an angel but I’m not an evil too, I do what I thinks is right and I won’t hurt other peoples. So, this is me..if someone ask me to pick an option “What do u want to be, Smart but Not Pretty or Beautiful but Dummy?”. I’ll definitely choose the first one, cause time will reduce your beauty but not your brain. When you are getting older, you can’t avoid wrinkles and of course, the young women seems prettier than you. But if you fill your self with knowledge, it can be greater time by time and can exist forever (Sarah, 25/3).

Kangen band, a popular band from Lampung with the hit single “Yolanda” have been discussed for many times. In the early, peoples put respect on the way they reach their success but lately things are spin out. Unlike anothers band who came from wealthy background, personels of this band consist of various low middle occupation (tukang cendol, tukang siomay, and construction worker). This story was good lesson should be but what if they exploited that sad story over, in order to push their popularity. Andhika, the vocalist, often comparised his band to anothers. He told that what’s his band sell is good music not good looking. But hey, do u think that Kangen Band’s music is good? Andhika’s voice rated as standard, his appareance is low standard. More over, his attitude is embarassing. He flirts with a girl while he holds responbility on  another pregnant women. To both of  this women, where did u pulled ur brain off? Come on Andhika, please don’t overacting!!